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Rise and shine.

I've been trying to write about today. How this time of the year always leaves me irritable and cranky. Why do these two events coincide? Skip it. Skip it please.

So I ran today. I needed to work on the boat with the captain. I got to Maquinit, breathless and sweaty.


So here's me reminding myself: To new beginnings. To not be afraid to start over. Each day is a reset. To stop looking at the past with regret. To look forward to life. And to be brave enough for new adventures.

And as for that other event? I always need reminding that her greatest gift for each of us was this silly, oftentimes crazy, utterly human, but most amazing fan club I will ever have.


I miss quoting Mrs. Doubtfire, Top Secret! and Tintin with these silly ones.



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