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Elections 2013. I waited in line for 4 hours because our precinct had to have a faulty PCOS machine. People's fingernails have a thin line of indelible ink running along the edges of their fingernails, my finger looks like it's bleeding ink.

My mother's former boss and her sisters were in line ahead of me. I noticed them late, maybe about 2.5 hours of lining up and we spent the last hour and a half catching up. The last time I saw her was maybe during the 9 day ceremony that we had.

"I noticed you because you were the only person in line with a book."

"Your mom taught you that, didn't she?"

Such is how things are these days when we see people who knew my mother. Snippets of her life and her little lessons that she has taught us. when we were kids, we didn't watch a lot of tv. We spent our summers with our noses in books or biking around the village. I still remember the first "long" book I finished, "The Naughtiest Girl in School," which must have reverberated so much with me, it became my peg when I was studying.

Our tv at home is antiquated; it's not in HD, its remote doesn't work, and it's only slightly bigger than our computer monitor. We eventually got an HD tv, but only for my brothers' video games. So we spend our time reading: books, magazines, food labels, outdated encyclopedias, graphic novels, children's books, etc. Sometimes I think I text like a book, which either makes me sound snobby or dated.

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Awww. Lovely! Nahiya naman ako sa pagkabakla ko magtext sayo, sorry na mam. :)) mwah and hugs! Hahaha

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